Location Map

When Events are at the West Bay Cafe, you will find the Cafe on the prom below the cliff.

There is a flight of steps leading down the cliff opposite Rowena Road at it's junction with Sea Road.

Change the map into "Satellite Image" mode, by clicking the small square picture bottom left (Show Satellite Imagery), and use the [+] (bottom right) to zoom in to see the cafe in detail and the location of the zig-zag steps.

You can use the mouse to move the map around to keep the cafe in the middle when you zoom in by dragging the map with the left mouse button.

Note the map page is fully interactive. You can zoom in and out, move it around and turn satellite view on and off. In fact you can do almost anything you can do in Google maps.

You can click on [Directions], enter your post code and the map will work out your best route to the meeting.

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