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CPRE Star Count 2020

Last year we asked our members to help Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to assess light pollution levels by participating in their annual Star Count.

This year we are asking our members to participate again, and you can help too!

The Star Count this year is between 21st and 28th February 2020 and CPRE ask that you choose a clear night, wait until after 7pm to ensure that it is really dark and then find the constellation Orion.

It is important to allow a few minutes to let your eyes adjust to the dark, after this they are asking you to count the stars you can see in Orion, within the rectangle made by the 4 corner stars. Don't count the corners, but you can count the 3 stars of the belt, if you can see them.

There is a form to submit your count on their website.

Your results from the Star Count help CPRE to make a map of dark skies and where light pollution is high, they can work with local councils and others to decide what to do about it.

As you can imagine, having dark skies is very important to everyone that enjoys looking at the night sky.

For more information on the Star Count 2020 click here

For the results of the Star Count 2019 click here

If you would like to discuss this or anything else, then email us at thanetastronomygroup@gmail.com or please join us at our free public outreach meeting on a Saturday afternoon and there will be someone you can chat to.

West Bay Cafe, Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea, CT8 8QA

EVERY Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 4pm

If the weather is bad you may find us inside the Cafe but if the Sun decides to shine, we will have our telescopes set up, hopefully observing sunspots, but also looking out at sea at the windfarm, the pier head at Herne Bay, and if it is very clear the World War 2 sea forts, the Isle of Sheppey and the Isle of Grain may be visible.

We are an astronomy group that is intended for people at all levels of astronomy.

We especially welcome people new to the subject. All you need is an interest in the stars above. If you want to learn about astronomy then this meeting is for you.

See our Location Page for a detailed map of how to find us.


In the meantime why not look at our monthly newsletters.

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JAC & Gill Club

We also have a Junior Astronomy Club (JAC) for our younger (5 to 17 years) enthusiasts, which is run by Gill.

The JAC & Gill Club meet every Saturday afternoon 2pm to 3pm at the West Bay Cafe during the Free adults meeting.

For more information see the JAC & Gill Club page.



To become a member of the Thanet Astronomy Group See the Members page.

All the details you need are there including a download link for a copy of our constitution and the membership application form.


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We meet every Saturday afternoon

Time : 1 - 4pm


At the West Bay Cafe, Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent CT8 8QA

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Members Club Meeting.

Our members meetings are held on the first Wednesday evening of every month


West Bay Cafe, Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent CT8 8QA