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Email your comments to us, the email address in on the contacts page.

We have added a 'Blog' type page so we can put short comments about whats happening at Thanet Astronomy Group. To help give people a better idea of what we do. If you have a comment you would like to add then let us know.

Free Public Meetings Every Saturday

Thanet Astronomy Group holds FREE daytime public meetings to make astronomy more available to everyone in plain English.


Meeting at the West Bay Cafe - Sat 11 01 2014.

We are an astronomy group that is intended for people at all levels of astronomy.

We especially welcome people new to the subject. All you need is an interest in the stars above. If you want to learn about astronomy then this is for you.

Library Page:

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We are trying to set up a small library of Astronomy books. If you would like to help with this project or have any Astronomy books you would like to donate please contact us.

Basic Stargazing

The Stars and the Location create the Magic.


Due to an overwhelming response to this course we are taking Pre Bookings for a second run.

Pre Bookings

Pre Booking is now Closed. Note :- The dates for the second run are not yet available. For details of other available presentations see the Presentations Page

About our group

We are based at the West Bay Cafe, Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8QZ by very kind permission of the owners. We have all the comforts of a really good venue with Hot Food and Drinks, Toilet and even an outdoor covered area for the not so good days.


When the weather is bad

When the weather is not so good we have a planetarium type program for use with a big screen.

So we can look at the Sky in the comfort of a nice warm room.

Whenever possible we like to take the telescopes out to see in person what we have been talking about.

This group is specifically aimed at making Astronomy accessible to the general public of all ages. Our aim is to get people involved and provide the practical experience so they have the ability to progress in this amazing hobby.

Thanet Astronomy Group Presentations

Click here to see details of our list of available presentations about astronomy.

We have presentations on the History of Astronomy, Jupiter and its Moons, The Planets, The Moon, and Asteroide 2012 DA14.

Jupiter's Galilean Moons

Jupiters Moons

Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto

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