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Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to hold our free Saturday meetings, members meetings and stargazing evenings at present, but that doesn't mean that you can't hold your own astronomy meeting in your garden. You don't even need a telescope.

May 2020 Stargazing

Here are a few subjects for you to look out for in the night sky this month:

Eta Aquarid meteor shower - this is tiny pieces of Halley's Comet burning up in Earth's atmosphere, shooting stars will fly across the sky in the early hours of the morning on the 6th. However, the bright moonlight will spoil the show this year.

Full Moon - it's another supermoon on the 7th, although not as big and bright as it was in April.

Jupiter and Saturn - if you're awake around 3:30am on the 12th and 13th the brilliant 'star' you'll see near the moon is Jupiter. Saturn is to it's left, about 15 times fainter.

Crescent Moon and Mars - before dawn on the 15th you'll find Mars above the crescent Moon.

Venus and Mercury - if you look below Venus around 10pm on the 21st you should be able to spot a second 'evening star', Mercury. On the 22nd Mercury will be to the left of Venus.

Crescent Moon, Venus and Mercury - as it gets dark on the 24th, look to the north-western horizon and you will see a narrow crescent Moon and Venus to its right, the dimmer Mercury will be between them.

Keep safe and well everyone.

Happy stargazing.


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